About Legalizing Marijuana

This site is about legalizing marijuana. Legalizing marijuana really isnt about making a plant that grows naturally legal so people can smoke marijuana if they so wish. Its more about, rights, freedom and what might be core American values.

America is said to have fought for freedom from the British so that we would have rights. The British at the time looked at America or the colonies more as revenue. So then they were not willing to give audience to the demands of the colonists for rights.

So then are the freedoms and rights of colonist again what is at stake due to revenue. Where by marijuana being illegal it generates money to prosecute, imprison and then maintain those systems for those who would use or sell it.

What about those individuals who could employ marijuana for the purposes of medication?   Is it absolutley necessary for them to be forced to use powerful narcotics to minimize pain such as, hydrocodone,  morphine or methadone when they might instead choose to use a much less physically addictive alternative such as marijuana?

These are the issues that concern legalizing-marijuana.org

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