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Best Presidential Candidate-2012

by DC on March 6, 2012

So who is the best preseidential candidate? Simple, Ron Paul.    This fellow stands behind the consitution of the United States, so it makes things easy for him.  It seems so many other wahoos try to get creative and reinvent the wheel.    Sometimes I think there are too many laws governing  what should be an indviduals freedoms and choices.    I dont think it makes much sense.  If you beleive in freedom and liberty, as those whom benefit from a somewhat free society should, then shouldn’t we want laws consistent with that?  By making the common herb marijuana legal, would we not then free those whom have been condemned to social isolation and worse legal trouble?    On a somewhat  unrelated topic I’ve have read recently that a precinct in California requires you to have a permit to hold a bible study in your  home. More about that here. Odd thing is I’ll bet the same people that want more religious freedom would think that marijuana should stay illegal, or rather rules should stand that punish those that use it.   Well you can’t have it both ways really can you?   By supporting legislation of  personal choices then you also support legislation overall to some degree.    If you support freedom then it may follow that you get laws (or lack of them) and benefits of freedom.   If you support oppression or should I say more legislation, control, and laws then it follows that you should get more of that type of thing.  So again the best presidential candidate for 2012 if you care much about freedom IMHO is Ron Paul.   He tends to go with the consituttion and avoids more regulation.    Mitt Romney by the way is known for issuing a State Healthcare mandate that requires citiens to purchase healthcare coverage.    Just another thought…. More of the same.    Wishing you all well.

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