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Freedom of Speech Issues?

by DC on April 9, 2012

This one may be one to watch.  It appears officials have,  blocked access to the Oaksterdam University  – Cannabis College.   There seems to be an increased amount of pressure on medical marijuana dispensaries.  On a good note, The University head Richard Lee does not appear to have been arrested.   Here is another great reason to end marijuana prohibition,  freedom of speech and basic rights.   While marijuana “is”  illegal, it should be of no relevance to” learn” about it.  Of course I am still not completely clear as to why the school was shutdown.  What about basic rights? American citizens should have the right to make decisions for themselves.   We dont penalize people for drinking alcohol – but we do discourage them from drinking and driving.    Perhaps we should just be consistent and prohibit alcohol, and  junk food too?   It would be for our own good, right?

UPDATE: After some more research it appears that Mr Lee has had  many important  assets confiscated , including : plants, bank accounts, records and computers.    After reading further it appears as though Mr Lee may be passing the torch so to speak on the legalization cause.   I believe that he will support it still but he may not take such an upfront position on the matter.  My understanding is that Mr Lee has been an overall supporter of legalization but is most interested in the medical benefits for himself and others that could benefit.

I feel the best way to promote the cause of legalization is to approach it  from a law / public perspective.   So for legal purposes if you beleive in legalization  – then dont use it but instead stand up for the right to use it.  Otherwise you might become just another legal casualty.   Public prespective –  A major problem for proponents of legalization is the  druggie attitude.  Not trying to be a “buzz kill”  I think it can be funny / fun , but really.    No one wants to picture their kids or future country like that.    So what if  the proponents could clean up the image.   It might take some time, but public perspective would change.  The collective might then agree that legalizing marijuana might actually benefit the country.

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