Legalize Freedom

by DC on January 15, 2012

I just posted on another blog in response to Ron Paul being inconsistent:


I guess none are completely consistent. But I think that Ron Paul would actually make things happen in regards to freedom. He seems to stand by his principles. I thought Obama might be the person to help enhance freedoms, but instead will require people to purchase insurance? Thats a move against freedom, who would have thought? Mitt Romney promoted the same thing in his state and from what I have heard it has failed. Ron Paul on the other hand stands for getting the government out of peoples business. People call him crazy. I thinks he is the only one making sense. ——

Fall of RomneyCare

Im for freedom so it follows that I would be for the candidate that would seem to me to stand for it. I’m not against Obama. He seems like a pretty cool guy. I just think that Ron Paul, who might not fit the standard definition of cool, is hop on my book because he stands firmly for freedom. Go RP!

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