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Legalize Weed – What about drugs in general?

by DC on May 24, 2012

Its not a new concept that legalizing marijuana could have innumerable benefits. But what about legalizing drugs in general? I know that sounds insane,  crazy, ridiculous, etc.  Who in their right mind would want their friends, children, etc to have access to these things?  However.  It seems that by drugs being illegal the effect has created the dangerous non- law abiding industries of drug trade.     Methamphetamine for example can easily be created and sold with little trouble.    Since meth is illegal, it has created a supply and demand issue where the drug is hard to find.   Hence this places a premium on the drug making it possible to earn a substantial amounts of money making and distributing it.    If the drug were in essence free or very cheap, then there would very little incentive to produce and sell it.        I would be in agreement that I personally do not want my family members or friends on these types of drugs.       However, the process of incarcerating users and producers of this type of drug takes a lot of time , funds, energy etc. Is it possible that the overall concept of dealing with these problems is wrong? Are we condemning those that may otherwise contribute to a better society. What if we could turn this around with a change of paradigm?

I personally have suffered the consequences of having a father whom was a methamphetamine user/  abuser.   I have used them myself in the past.  Drugs being illegal does little to deter those with the proclivity to use / abuse  them.  Individuals whom have the tendency abuse drugs might do better to  have interventions of another sort.   It might be the case that drug abusers need something else than “Big Brother”  forcing them to comply.  If someone is a serious drug abuser, might it make sense to treat them more along the lines as “suicidal”?

If we consider the drug cycle where individuals want  to use drugs for X reasons.     If the drugs are illegal -> therefore they are scarce.   Scarcity of a item that is in demand creates need for it.    Drug dealers of all sorts – or those in need of money –  simply fill this want / need.      This, again ,shows the reason fr the illegal drug market.    What if:   Drugs are no longer are illegal, but rather they would be regulated.   Might this reduce some of the dangerous cycles.   For example.    Drug abuser A  needs or wants drugs.    > Hence goes to illegal producer .   By the way,  The illegal producer will not pay any tax or adhere to any regulation on production.    If Drug Abuser A does start to abuse the drug or becomes an addict,  he will then possibly become subjected to the whims of the illicit producer.   He might also find it easy to get money for this addictive behavior by  stealing, or otherwise diminishing means.    If the Drug User A was getting the drug from a legal source it might then be possible to submit drug abuser A to a program for Addicts, or a recovery model.    I believe the curent model instead leaves to much room for the drug abuser to fall into many avenues were drug abusers never receive treatment.  They might instead go to jail where the cycle repeats over and again.


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