Video Games Should be Illegal

by DC on October 19, 2012

Thats what some seem to think.   I watched a Dr Phil show where there definitely seem to be some problems with many in dealing with games.   Come to think of it.  I also fit into the group of those that spent way too much time playing games.  I think back in 1996 – 2000, I had moments of spending up to 10 hours a day playing games at some points.   I imagine that the game had me hooked.   So what I felt compelled to write about is that I see the potential for those that have problems with drugs, games etc, lobbying for laws to restrict them.    I can see many well meaning parents and others falling prey to this idea.   The problem with this type of restriction and law making is that it can get  out of hand.  The more we as a people rely on the government to think for us, even protect us from ourselves, the more freedom we lose.   Freedom can be taken for granted.  We should care for freedom more than we care for the government protection from ourselves.     I see this the same for marijuana.  Like marijuana, video games, or anything for that matter can be abused.  Lets take this further.   Can you imagine incarcerating someone for selling a video game or for playing one?   At this point in time it may seem like this idea is far fetched.   But if we go down a path of asking the government to think for us and punish us it is possible.

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